Grade: Middle
Subject: Language

#3321. The Kindergarten Man

Language, level: Middle
Posted Fri Jan 7 11:34:25 PST 2005 by Mohammad Zaman Bagheri (,uk).
High School, Isfahan / Bouin-miyandasht - Iran

To whom it may concern

I'm an English teacher and have 25 students . I'm going to teach my students the following passage . I have only 30 minutes to do that . Please help me to prepare a lesson plan which contains all phases e.g. preview , view and review . It should be noted that we have a monthly meeting and I want to present my lesson on the bases of your lesson plan and assumption to show how an effective lesson plan and presentation would be helpful to my colleagues and my students .

The Kindergarten Man

Friedrich Froebel lived in Germany many years ago . His mother died when he was a small boy . People didn't pay much attention to him . So Friedrich played alone in a garden . He loved the flowers and the plants . He was happy there .
Soon it was time for Friedrich to go to school . In school he sat on a hard chair . All day long he looked at books . The books didn't have any pictures . Friedrich couldn't play . He couldn't things with his hands . He had to sit on that hard chair and looked at books . It was no fun .

I should remind you that the following words and expressions should be presented at first :
Germany , Pay , alone , love , plants , there was no fun and die .

Yours Truly
M. Z. Bagheri