Subject: Science

#3327. Henna hands

Science, level: Kindergarten
Posted Mon Jan 10 10:29:05 PST 2005 by gillian (
Materials Required: mod rock brown paint vaseline
Activity Time: over 2 days: 20 mins and 10 mins

Introduction: In conjunction with the topic about 'Ourselves' the children were looking at differences in the class.

Children to use mod rock to make a cast of their hand or foot. The children will need an adult to help. Takes about 20 mins including setting time of 5mins. The children can then compare hand size. Children can also watch how the material changes when you add water.

Following lesson , ethnic awareness can be introduced by the form of henna. The children can use henna designs to cover the hands and talk about why people wear henna, also introducing pattern work. Which leads nicely into cultural awareness and accepting others.