Grade: all
Subject: Special Ed

#3333. Categories Game with 10 words

Special Ed, level: all
Posted Sun Jan 16 09:16:13 PST 2005 by Pierre Gauvin (
Educating Our Children: The Guide to Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening..
Structurum Publications Corp., Timmins, Ontario, Canada
Materials Required: pencil, paper
Activity Time: determined by the educator
Concepts Taught: Word association, spelling

Writing everything that comes to mind is what this activity is all about. The learners must scramble to write as many words related to a particular subject during a specific time period. The subject should be general enough, to allow each group to write more than ten answers.
Simultaneously, the educator writes ten answers of her own. These answers can be typical answers, more unorthodox answers, or a combination thereof.
Once the allotted time has expired, each group is asked to use a different colour pencil or pen. As the educator reveals her ten words, the groups circle the words that are found on their sheets. If necessary, a member from another team may act as a witness to each team's results.
Each team determines the number of words it had similar to the educator and are given a point for each. If the teams are using a dictionary for spelling, words should be written correctly. Individual or team results can be posted on the blackboard...
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