Grade: Middle
Subject: Mathematics

#3335. Algebra 1 Uniform Motion Problems

Mathematics, level: Middle
Posted Tue Jun 6 16:28:57 PDT 2006 by Leanne Hauser (
Uniform Motion lesson
Huntington Beach High School, Huntington Beach, USA
Materials Required: Computer, LCD projector or monitor
Activity Time: power point presentation
Concepts Taught: Distance, Equations, Mixtures

Please connect to the following link to access a soft copy of the powerpoint presentation:

Objective: Help students visualize and reason through motion problems.

Plan: Set up the LCD Projector or Monitor. Show the presentation on the Monitor.

Each solution page has a link back to the problem page for checking what the variable represented.

As you walk through the presentation have them draw the pictures as they are shown on the slide show and even have them act out each scenario and reason how one might set up an equation to model the situation they have begun to act out.

After completing the entire presentation, have them create their own word problem dealing either with planes, trains or automobiles. Then have them solve each other's problems. If they would like extra credit have them create a presentation of their own.