Grade: Elementary
Subject: Language

#3336. Word Detectives

Language, level: Elementary
Posted Fri Jan 21 08:50:31 PST 2005 by Chris Lydic (
Goshen, Salem, USA
Materials Required: vocabulary words for the week, books,chalkboard or dry erase board & chalk or markers.
Activity Time: 10 minutes
Concepts Taught: Build vocabulary

1. Write vocabulary words on board in a row. Seperate words by lines. Leave space under words for tally marks.
2. Children become word detectives. They have 10 minutes to find words written on the board. The children show the word they found to the teacher for verification.
3. Children put tally marks on board under the word.
4. At the end of 10 minutes all books are put away.
5. Tallys are counted and recorded.
6. Results of tallys can be put on a graph.
My students love being word detectives!