Subject: Mathematics

#3338. Creative Position Word Center Activity

Mathematics, level: Kindergarten
Posted Sun Jan 23 15:08:34 PST 2005 by Cindy Gravely (
A.R. Lewis Elementary, Pickens, SC USA
Materials Required: 1 Construction Paper Seasonal Shape cut-out for each student; glue; various craft items
Activity Time: 15 - 20 minutes
Concepts Taught: Position Words

The student will demonstate knowledge of position words by decorating a seasonal shape as directed by the instructor.

SC Curriculum Standards:
K.G.II.A.1 Use positional words to describe the location of objects (near, far, up, down, below, above, beside, next to, between, over, under)

Language Arts
K.C2.1 Demonstrate the ability to follow one- and two- step oral directions.

1. Gather craft items to be used for decorations at a center. Items such as sequins, glitter glue, buttons, pom-poms, ribbon, etc. work very well.
2. Supply each student at the center with 1 seasonal shape cut-out (Christmas Tree, Shamrock, Easter Egg, etc.) and glue.
3. The instructor will direct the students in the placement of decorations on the shape through simple oral directions. (Example: Place a star at the top of the Christmas tree. Next, place a row of glitter glue below the star, near the top of the tree. Place a row of glitter glue across the bottom of the tree. Now, place four sequins between the two rows of glitter glue.) The directions may vary and be adjusted to fit the needs of the students.

Assessment: Assessment will be made through teacher observation and the students placement of the items in relation to the directions and the position word stated.