Grade: Elementary

#3340. Self-portrait poem

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary
Posted Wed Jan 26 13:37:18 PST 2005 by Alana Varner (
Pickens Middle School, Pickens, SC US
Materials Required: paper, pencil, overhead projector, black & white butcher paper, self-portrait format , craft items
Activity Time: 2 days (or 1 day in class and 1 at home)
Concepts Taught: similes, adjectives, poetry writing

The teacher introduces the lesson by discussing similes and vivid adjectives. Instruct students to brainstorm examples of various features/parts of the body and how they would compare them using a simile. Example: My hair is as soft as kitten's fur. After this, show them the self-portrait format.
My ___________ is like _________________________.
My _____________ are like _______________________.
My ________________ are ____________________.
My ____________ is ____________________________.
My heart holds ________________________(feeling or emotion) that is ___________ (color, etc.)as
I live in _________________ and eat__________________.

(The last line should be a funny ending like: I live in a desk and eat pencils!)
You can type the format on a sheet for the students to do a prewrite. Once they have completed that, they are to be as creative as possible and decorate or create something on which to put their self-portrait. They should rewrite the poem on a separate piece of paper. One student in my class drew and cut out a head and shoulders design and put the lines from her poem onto each part or feature she described. It will probably take 2 days to complete. Have students bring items from home to decorate. When everyone has finished, have them share their complete poem or their favorite parts!