Grade: Middle
Subject: Mathematics

#3353. Area and Perimater

Mathematics, level: Middle
Posted Tue Feb 1 09:32:25 PST 2005 by Rahila Waqar (
Usman Public School Campus VIII, Karachi, Pakistan
Materials Required: work sheets
Activity Time: 1 hour
Concepts Taught: Area and Perimater

Lesson Plan
Date: 20.10.2001 Name: Rahila Waqar
Academic Objective: a) Apply the concept of perimeter and area correctly in authentic problem solving activities.
b) Show integration of the two concepts by solving the authentic problems. Grade Level: VI
Social Objective: Encouraging participation. Subject: Mathematics
I Organizational Decisions Prior To Teaching
Groups: 6
Size: 5  Heterogeneous
Homogeneous Room arrangement: Desk clusters in seven groups Materials: Shared Items: 7 measuring tapes,
II Setting the Lesson Six stations will be set; students will solve and move from one station to the other.
Positive Interdependence
Goal: Solution of authentic problems.

Resource: One set of items on each station.

Role: leader, timekeeper, recorder, checker and facilitator.

Academic Task Direction
Together. . .
1. Solve the given problem at each station using the material provided.
2. Discuss the problem to develop a shared understanding.
3. Decide the steps to follow and then start the solution.
4. When one task is completed move to the empty table.
5. If you have to wait try the second task. Criteria for Success
 Correct solution of problems.
 Ability to justify the method/procedure used to solve the problem. Individual Accountability
 Individuals will write their names on the solution sheets to indicate participation and ability to explain.
 Teacher will "spot check" while groups are working. Introducing Social Behaviours

Encourage participation

III Monitoring And Intervening
Who will monitor?
Teacher How will monitoring be done?
Informal notes What behaviours will be monitored?
 Encouraging participation
 Solution of problems
 On task discussions
 Clean up for the next group
IV Evaluating the Product and Process of Group work
Academic Feedback
The teacher will:
 Check the finished solution sheets of each group.
 Provide written feedback to group members. Social Skill Processing
 Students will rate themselves on participation.
 Whole class discussion will be done on what went well and the possible improvements.

As mentioned in the lesson plan seven stations will be set up. Each will have two activities. One will be the main activity and the second will be just a fun activity, which the students will solve only when they have to wait.

Station I

Authentic Activity: I have a piece of carpet which is 300 square feet. Can it fit in your classroom?

Fun Activity:

House A is built on a rectangular plot of land of area 840 square units. How many units of fencing are required to fence up the plot of land?

House B is built on a square plot of land 30 units by 30 units. Find the area of the plot. How much fencing will be required to fence it up?

From the above, you will note that the square plot of land has a bigger area than the rectangular plot of land. Does this mean that the perimeter of the square plot of land is bigger than that of the rectangular plot of land as well?

Station II

Authentic Activity: If we wish to cover our classroom door with a wall paper how much will be required? If it costs Rs. 50 per square foot how much money will we need to buy it?

Fun Activity:

Find the perimeter of ABCD. When its area is 99 units.

Station III:

Authentic Activity: The wood that is used for the top of your table costs Rs 160 per square meter. The legs and the frame costs Rs 1000/-. What is the cost of your table?

Fun Activity:

Find the area of the red part in a rectangular shape when the sides are 43cm. and 45 cm. The area of the part that is not red is 65centimetre square.

Station IV:

Authentic Activity: Find the perimeter of our school stage so that we can calculate the number of tiles needed to make its border. If the tiles are 20 cm long how many tiles will we need to make the border?

Fun Activity: Draw a square and a rectangle. Both should have a perimeter of 12 units.

Station V:

Authentic Activities: The brown sheet for covering the note books has an area of 5000 square centimeters. If you need to cover five of your notebooks how many sheets will you have to buy?

Fun Activity: Assume that the edge of each square is one unit. Add squares so that it has a perimeter of 18 units.

Station VI:

Authentic Activity: The carpenter wants to change the border of your tables. He wishes to put a fancy border. The fancy wooden border costs Rs. 65 per meter. How much fancy border will be needed to change the border of all our class tables and what will be the total cost?

Fun Activity:

If the area of the square garden is 49 square meters, what is the area of the lawn around it? if the sides are 10 meters and 14 meters.

Station VII:

Authentic Activity: How much strip of cloth will be needed to form the border of your class soft board. If a cloth is one meter broad, how much cloth will you need to buy in order to cover the soft board? Will any piece be wasted if yes what is the area of the wasted piece?

Fun Activity:

The side of the pink square is twice as long as that of yellow square inside the pink square. If the perimeter of the yellow square is 12 cm. What is the length of the pink square?