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Grade: Elementary
Subject: Mathematics

#3355. "School Shape Scavenger Hunt"

Mathematics, level: Elementary
Posted Tue Feb 1 13:33:13 PST 2005 by Erica Galloway (gallowen@pickens.k12.sc.us).
Mckissick Elementary, Easley, SC
Concepts Taught: Geometry

Standard: Geometry IA2: Identify, name, model, and draw two-dimensional geometric shapes with up to eight sides.

Objectives: The student will be able to identify two-dimensional shapes found in the school.

1.The class will review the following shapes: pentagon, hexagon, square, circle, triangle, etc.

2.Discuss with your students how geometric shapes are found in everyday life.

3.Have the students brainstorm some places that they have noticed geometric shapes in the "real world".

4.The teacher will break the students into four groups.

5.Assign jobs to each student. For example on child will be the team leader, one will be the recorder, one the presenter, and one the reporter. The team leader's job will be to make sure everyone stays quiet and is on task. The recorder will write down the information found. The presenter will present the information to the class, and the reporter will tell the recorder what to write down.

6.The teacher will explain to the students that they will be going on a "School Shape Scavenger Hunt", and they must be on their best behavior because other students will still be in class.

7.Give each group a scavenger hunt list of shapes they must find around the school.
For example: a pentagon, a circle, a rectangle, a triangle. Just make sure that your school has all of those shapes in a semi-visible location to make the hunting a little quicker.

8.Give each group a stop watch and timer and give them a set amount of time that they must return to the classroom.

9. If you have a classroom aide or volunteer then enlist their help with this activity. You will need at least 4 adults to monitor the children in the hallway. If you cannot find parent volunteers then ask the secretary, nurse, principal, or assistant principal if they will help.

10.Send each group out with their monitor. Make sure that your group knows who is in charge of what job during this assignment.

11.The recorder of each group will actually be the only one to tell the reporter if a shape has been found. The reporter will then write the information down on the sheet that you provided. For example: triangle -- the flag hanging up right outside of the PE room; pentagon- the flag outside of Mrs. Smith's room or the milk cartons in the lunch room; square- the tiles on the floors of the hallway.

12.When the students return have the presenter from each group share the shapes that each their group found and where they were located.

13.When each group is finished presenting, tally up the number of shapes that each group found and give the winning team some sort of reward.

Materials: Stop watch, paper, pencil, timer

Assessment: The teacher will grade each group according to the number of shapes found and recorded.