Grade: Middle
Subject: Phys Ed

#3357. Mini Golf

Phys Ed, level: Middle
Posted Mon Feb 14 11:27:37 PST 2005 by Jon Wilson ().
Pickens High School, Pickens, USA
Materials Required: Gymnasium, Border Patrol (helpful but not mandatory), 18 Poly Spots, numbered 1-18 (tape 3x5 cards o
Activity Time: 20-45min
Concepts Taught: putting

Name of Activity: Mini Golf
Purpose of Activity: To practice putting a golf ball.
Activity cues: See "Swing a Golf Club" cues.
Prerequisites: Students should be able to safely hold, carry, and strike a ball with a golf club.
Suggested Grade Level: 6-12
Technology Connections:
Materials Needed: Gymnasium, Border Patrol (helpful but not mandatory), 18 Poly Spots, numbered 1-18 (tape 3x5 cards or use a marker) for the tee area, one putter for every student, one plastic golf ball for each student, 18 cones numbered 1-30 (or however many students you have), and equipment (cones, ropes, etc.) to use as obstacles.
Description of Idea
With students watching, put a poly spot on the floor and use the border patrol's to mark the putting lane. At one end of the lane, put the #1 cone and at the other end put the #1 poly spot. The poly spot is the tee area and the cone is the hole/target. Put some equipment on the floor as obstacles. Demonstrate the task by putting the ball on the poly spot, putting it towards the cone. Wait for the ball to come to a complete stop then strike it again. Continue until you hit the cone.
Have the students each get a cone, poly spot, and some other equipment. They then go set up their own holes in general space. Once done setting up their equipment, they putt the ball to the target. Students can switch with one another to try other holes.
Teaching Suggestions:
It may help to set up the poly spots and cones in general space. Students then go to one of the spots and create their course.
Set a time limit for setting up a course. Younger students will tend to spend more time setting up the course than practicing putting.
Use tennis, softball sized, and other balls depending on skill level.
Have students attempt another groups hole.
If you have limited space and have students partner up for this activity, reinforce "furthest from hole hits" while students participate.
Use hoops instead of cones for targets. The ball must be struck so that it stays in the hoop.
Assessment Ideas:
Can do performance assessments/observations for specific putting cues by walking by each of the holes and checking students off on a sheet.
Adaptations for Students with Disabilities:
Any type of ball can be used (larger would make it easier)
Any type of striking implement can be used (hockey stick, bat, tennis racket, etc.
Any size cone can be used (larger cones make for an easier target).

Jon Wilson