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Subject: Games

#336. Eskimo Laughing Game

Games, level: all
Posted by Christy Young (
mineral springs elementary, mineral springs, ar united states
Materials Required: alot of space
Activity Time: as long as you want
Concepts Taught: Teach children how early Native Americans children played

I like to teach this game during Social Studies, when we talk about the early Native Americans. First, divide your class into two groups. Then, draw a line or form some sort of small boundary between the two groups. Next, tell the children that early Native Americans didn't have the toys that we do, so they had to find other ways to have fun. One way they had fun is to play the Eskimo laughing game. The rules of the game are that each side gets a turn. During this turn, the side that is not going must not smile or laugh. The side that is going may do anything in reason to make the opposite side laugh. It is a really fun game. My kids have enjoyed it.