Grade: Elementary
Subject: Special Ed

#3361. Closed Syllables

Special Ed, level: Elementary
Posted Mon Feb 7 17:17:02 PST 2005 by Janice Young (
Ben Hagood Elementary School, Pickens, SC
Materials Required: Page with 2 syllable words
Activity Time: 35-45 minutes
Concepts Taught: Dividing words into syllables

Closed syllables
I. Grade/Developmental Level: +/-2nd grade
Standard: 2-R3.2 Demonstrate the ability to identify letters/sounds in polysyllabic words.

II. Objectives: Given 5 elephant words the student will divide the words into syllables by underlining the talking vowels, swooping, and pulling down the consonants to find the cutting pattern, and to understand that a single vowel represents the short vowel sounds with at least 100% accuracy.

III. Procedures:

1. Focus: The teacher will first state what a syllable is (a word or part of a word having one vowel sound).

2. Input: The teacher will state when unlocking elephant words you have to cut them up into bite sizes. Each bite (syllable) has one vowel.

3. Modeling: The teacher will model how to unlock elephant words with the students. (Students will actually cut the word into, to see the cutting pattern.) (Work the next four in the same manner) The teacher will display names with diacritical markings above long names and short names. The teacher will state that vowels have long and short sounds.

4. Check for understanding: The teacher will let the students work the problems along with the teacher to work on the new concept being taught of the closed syllables and short vowel sounds.

5. Guided Practice: The teacher will let the students work the problems along with the teacher to work on the new concept being taught. The teacher will also have short word cards to prompt the students on the long and short vowel sounds. The students will work through a worksheet with teacher guidance.

6. Independent Application: The student will be given 5 problems for independent practice to do in class.

7. Closure: In closure the teacher will review the rules of dividing closed syllables and understanding that vowels have short sounds.

IV. Assessment: The teacher will collect the students independent practice worksheets and assess for mastery of skill.