Grade: Middle

#3362. Narrative Writing

Reading/Writing, level: Middle
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Dacusville Middle School, Easley, SC
Materials Required: construction paper, computer paper, colored pencils, pencil or blue/black ink, stapler
Concepts Taught: Using story elements in a children's book

Narrative Writing

Objective: The student will apply knowledge learned from writing stories (Narrative Writing) to construct a children's book effectively using: characters, setting, dialogue, conflict, and solution.

Standards: 7W.1-7W.5, 7C3.1, 7C1.1, 7C2.1

Materials: Construction paper, markers or colored pencils, pencil or blue or black ink pen, notebook paper, plain white paper, hole puncher, stapler

Procedures: The student will complete the first stage of the writing process by completing some type of prewriting (web, list, etc.) to brainstorm for characters, setting, conflict, and solution. Then, using his or her prewriting notes, the student will use a piece of notebook paper to write out five-ten scenes that he or she can envision using in his or her children's book. The student will also decide which characters to use in those scenes and which kind of dialogue to include. The student will look at his or her completed work and proofread. Moreover, the students will be partnered up to revise and edit the scenes in case a student has missed any kind of grammatical errors he or she has made. At this point, the student will select and create appropriate illustrations to use for each scene in the book by sketching these illustrations out on a piece of notebook paper.
Then, using the revised and edited scenes and illustrations, the student will begin his or her final draft of the children's book. The student will create this final draft using construction paper, plain white paper, and appropriate writing utensils. After completing the "inside of the book" the student will design a cover and choose a title. The student will now bind the book together using the hole puncher and stapler.

Assessment: The student will share his or her book with his or her classmates. Presenting the book will count as one daily grade. The content of the book will count as two quiz grades. This assignment will be one of the major writing assignments for this unit.

Shannon Taylor
Dacusville Middle School
January 7, 2005