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#3367. Fresh Flower Arrangement Elementary Course

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Posted Sun Feb 13 14:20:15 PST 2005 by Mieko Hirano (
Fresh Flower Arrangement Elementary Course
California Flower Art Academy, Sunnyvale, CA, USA
Materials Required: flowers and vase which we will prepare
Activity Time: 10:00am through 7:30pm
Concepts Taught: We help you become familiar with basic floral arranging art

Fresh Flower Arrangement Elementary Course

Outline and Curriculum of Elementary Course

The Elementray Course for Fresh Flower
Arrangement offered by CFAA (California Flower Art Academy) covers the basic concept and skills required for flower arrangements and floral design. It is recommended for students to start with Elementary Course UNLESS she/he has well experienced in the floral design & flower arrangement. Especially for people who would like to learn Wedding Flower Arrangement, it is highly recommended to join Elementary Course before proceeding to Wedding Flower Arrangement.

The total fee for finishing Elementary Course including materials cost is $390.00. The fee for issuing the official certificate is separate.

The curriculum of Elementary Course is as stated below:

(Materials used for floral arrangement and names of flowers)

2.All Round Shape (Floral arrangement for Center Piece)

3.Triangle Shape

4.Vertical Shape

5.Oval Shape

6.Diamond Shape

7.L Shape

8.Unbalanced Shape (Arrangement in the shape which is not symmetric)

9.Mound Shape

10.Crescent Shape

11.S Shape

12.Cone Style

13.Corsage Triangle (The wiring and taping method and basic style consisting of corsage)

(Round style arrangement using bouquet holder and how to decide the length and angle)

(The arrangement combining flowers and vegetables and how to use vegetables)

16.Birthday Wreath
(How to process flower materials when making wreath and how to use green materials)

The information and tuition stated in the above shall be subject to change without notice.

If you are interested in further details about this course, please contact or call CFAA at 408-736-3770 or visit our main class room at Sunnyvale Town and Country Village in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Mieko Martha Hirano
Managing Director
California Flower Art Academy