Grade: all
Subject: Language

#3368. Shaving Cream

Language, level: all
Posted Sun Feb 13 15:18:04 PST 2005 by Jeremy M. ().
Materials Required: shaving cream, desk
Activity Time: 20-30 minutes
Concepts Taught: Visual Comprehension

I am student teaching and my cooperating teacher does this activity about twice a month with the weekly spelling list. I am in a 5th grade class but this activity can be used with any age.
All we do is spray foamy shaving cream onto each student's desk. After everyone has their shaving cream they are aloud to spread it and play for a minute or two. Next, we give them a spelling pre-test and have them spell their words in the shaving cream. I say a word, give them time to spell it and then I give the correct spelling. If the student misspells the word they correct it by wiping it off and spelling it again. After everyone has spelled the word they simply wipe off their word and they are ready for the next word. Most of the students' shaving cream is used by the end of the list, if it isn't we just have them wipe off their desks with a sponge or paper towel. Best part of the lesson?! The desks get cleaned and it makes the room smell nice! This is a great lesson for those visual learners and allows them to be a little creative. Oh yeah, the kids absolutely love it.