Grade: Middle
Subject: Mathematics

#3374. Measurement

Mathematics, level: Middle
Posted Tue Feb 15 12:55:30 PST 2005 by Ginger Mercier (
Gettys Middle School, Easley, South Carolina
Materials Required: Chart with 4 rows and lots of items to measure in a brown paper bag
Activity Time: 20-30 minutes
Concepts Taught: MEA II.F.1

Objective: Estimate the measure of object and then measure with ruler.

Standard: MEA II.F.1

Activity: Give each student a paper bag full of items to measure. I included a: pencil, index card, cup, block, straw, Q-tip, Sprees, Snickners, Spoon, Band-Aid, Caramel, Jolly Rancher, Paper clip.
I gave them a chart with four rows labeled: Item, Estimate, Centimeter, and Millimeter.
They had to fill in the item list first and estimate all items. They came to me with their list so I could check it off and give them a ruler. Make sure you give the ruler they will be using for PACT. Have them finish their chart.
Have them trade with their neighbor to see how different their answers are.