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#3377. Type of transportations

other, level: Senior
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The School for Community Research and Learning , New York USA
Concepts Taught: Spanish

Lesson plan

Name Rosa Saldaa

Grade Level: High School

Class (Language & Level) Spanish Level 1.

National Standards, Communication. Standard 1.1: Students engage in conversations, provide and obtain information, express feelings and emotions, and exchange opinions.
State of New York Standard 1 Students will be able to use a language other than English for communication.
Checkpoint C: (Listening and speaking):
Key idea
Listening and speaking are primary communicative goals in modern language learning. These skills are used for the purpose of socializing, providing and acquiring information, expressing personal feelings and opinions, and getting others to adopt a course of action.

Learning Experience: Travel

Aim: How do you say the different types of transportation in Spanish?

Prerequisite behavior: Basic knowledge of different types of transportation and basic spatial skills of directions/locations.
Goals: Students will:
Become familiar with the three modes of transportation. (aire, tierra y mar)
Identify and name the types of transportation in Spanish.
Able to say various ways that they can use to get to different places; in and out of the city.
Learning Strategies:
Active/Engaged Learning
Visualize using the new information

Materials: pencils, paper, handouts.
Whole group
The lesson will start asking the student if they remember the Spanish personal pronouns.
I will introduce the verb "ir" to go.
I will show pictures of different types of transportation.
I will show picture of different places and I will ask the students how they can get there.

Each student has to write a sentence using the transportation and personal pronouns. 20 minutes.

Conclusion: Ask the students:
Which transportation would they use if they go to?
La escuela
La biblioteca
El parque
A Espaa
El hospital

From their responses students will be asked to conjugate the verb ir using the nouns and the transportation.

Expanded or Extended Activities:
1. Ask the students what the three modes of transportation are.
2. List 2 places that they can go by car, 2 by plane, 2 by boat.
3. Ask the students which mode of transportation they think is the fastest.