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Grade: Pre-School
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#338. Eggs

, level: Pre-School
Posted by Sheryl (
Boutwell, Wilmington MA
Materials Required: raw eggs (brown eggs if you can get them), vinegar
Activity Time: Depends on group and observations.
Concepts Taught: What comes from eggs? Parts of eggs.

This is not a formal lesson plan- just some pieces.

We put raw brown eggs into individual cups of vinegar. We also had a control egg in water. The chemical reaction starts almost immediately. The next day, we took the eggs out and observed the changes. The vinegar also changed due to the reaction which the children were able to observe using "scientific sniffing" camparing fresh vinegar to the "used" vinegar. Then I changed the vinegar in the cups for the last day. We were able to see the yolk through the egg's membrane.
It also bounced. The kids loved it!!!!

We also cut out large egg shapes. On one side we drew what was in the egg- chick, snake, turtle, etc. On the other side the children dictated 3 clues as to what was in the egg. At the end of the day, we read the clues to the class and held the egg up to the window so we could "see through the shell" to see the animals inside. I was blown away with some of the responses.

Song to tune of Baa, Baa Black Sheep

Cluck, cluck red hen
Have you any eggs?
Yes, sir, yes sir,
As many as you legs.
One for your breakfast, one for your lunch.
Come back tomorrow and I'll have another bunch.
Cluck, cluck red hen
Have you any eggs?
Yes, sir, yes sir,
As many as you legs.