Grade: Middle
Subject: Mathematics

#3387. Edible Geometry

Mathematics, level: Middle
Posted Fri Feb 18 12:40:41 PST 2005 by Hope Hendrix (
Edwards Middle School, Central, South Carolina, United States
Materials Required: gumdrops, pretzels, paper plates, paper towels, double bubble map
Activity Time: 50 minutes
Concepts Taught: polygons and 3 dimensional figures


GRADES: +/-7th

Paper towels
Paper plates
Double bubble map

FOCUS: Using manipulatives to create polygons and 3 dimensional figures

OBJECTIVE: The students will be able to identify how many vertices, sides, edges, and/or faces a polygon or 3 dimensional figure has. The students will also be able to compare and contrast polygons and 3 dimensional figures.

1. The teacher will complete a chart that lists the main characteristics of specific polygons and 3 dimensional figures.
2. Students get in groups of 2 or 3. Then gumdrops and pretzels are passed out on paper plates and paper towels.
3. The teacher calls out different polygons for the students to create, starting w/ simple (like triangle and square) to more complex figures (like decagon). The students use the pretzels as the sides of their figures and stick them into the gumdrops, which serve as their vertices.
4. Once all polygons have been completed, then the teacher calls out different 3 dimensional figures for the students to complete, still using the pretzels and gumdrops. The gumdrops are still the vertices and the pretzels are now the edges. the teacher can take this opportunity to explain how one can combine simple polygons to make 3 dimensional figures.

A brief review of polygons and 3 dimensional figures can be conducted as all materials are being cleared (OR EATEN!)

Students complete a double bubble map comparing and contrasting polygons and 3 dimensional figures.