Grade: Pre-School

#3390. In the Winter

Reading/Writing, level: Pre-School
Posted Sat Feb 19 18:23:26 PST 2005 by Tami Sickels (
Six Mile Elementary, Six Mile, SC
Materials Required: White construction paper, crayons, pencil
Activity Time: 20-30 minutes
Concepts Taught: Pre-writing, copying words

SC State Standards and 4K Checklist (Pickens County): Listens to stories in large group, answers questions appropriately, listens to spoken directions, follows spoken directions, holds pencil/crayon correctly, copies letters, PK-R1.4, PK-R3.4, PK-R3.4, PK-W1.2.1, PK-W2.1, Pk-W4.1, PK-C2.2

Materials: Any book about winter, pencil, crayons, white construction paper

Objective: TSWBAT draw a picture of his or her favorite winter activity and copy a sentence describing what it is.

1. The teacher will read a book about winter.
2. The teacher and students will brainstorm some winter activities.
3. The student will draw a picture using crayons on white construction paper to show his or her favorite winter activity.
4. The student will tell the teacher what his or her picture is and the teacher will write a simple sentence and have the student copy it on to his or her paper.

The student will be assessed by teacher observation on the formation of the letters and if the student can draw a picture of a favorite winter activity.