Grade: Elementary
Subject: Science

#3394. Skeletons

Science, level: Elementary
Posted Sun May 18 08:34:03 PDT 2008 by JL (JL).
Activity Time: 45 minutes

Title of Lesson: Skeleton Drawing

Grade Level: 2nd Grade
Approximate Length of Lesson: 45 minutes

Standard: 2.c Students know many characteristics of an organism are inherited from the parents. Some characteristics are caused or influenced by the environment.

Materials Needed: Skeleton Hiccups by: Margery Cuyler, Rattle Your Bones: Skeleton Drawing Fun by: David Clemesha & Andrea Griffing Zimmerman, 21 copies of "Star Skeleton" worksheets, 21 FX colored pencils, blank overhead with overhead marker, 21 black "scratch" paper, 21 bamboo sandwich sticks.

Objective (Measurable and/or observable): Students will be able to identify and locate major bones in the human body.

Anticipatory Set (What will you say and do?): 10:30 -- 10:35
Say: "Who remembers how many bones we have in our body?"
Answer = 206 bones in human body "Who can tell me some things
you learned about bones?"

Instructional Procedures: 10:35 -- 10:45
Say: "Excellent! We are going to read about a book called, Skeleton
Hiccups by: Margery Cuyler. As you're trying to discover what Skeleton's big problem is, try and remember the different types of bones we've talked about.
Teacher will read Skeleton Hiccups to students
Say: "What do you think Skeleton's big problem was? How did he solve
it? What were some of the bones you remember seeing in the book
that we've talked about?" "Very good, now we're going to try and
draw our very own skeletons. Are you ready?"
Dismiss them to their seats
Students will each have a "Star Skeleton" worksheet and an FX colored
pencil. As a class (teacher at overhead) teacher gives directions as to what to draw when. As the part is being drawn (ex: skull) students will be asked what bone it is. This would be the practice round.

Checking for Understanding: 11:10-11:15
Teacher will be asking questions during directed drawing for both
practice and final drawings.

Guided Practice (Relate to the objectives): 11:10-11:15
Students will then be given a black "scratch" paper and a bamboo sandwich stick to draw with. Again the teacher will ask students to follow the drawing while simultaneously naming bones of the skeleton.

Closure: 11:10-11:15
Students will be asked what they liked about lesson as well as what they have learned.