Grade: Elementary
Subject: Mathematics

#3399. Geo-Mat

Mathematics, level: Elementary
Posted Mon Feb 21 06:06:17 PST 2005 by Kimbeley King (
Liberty Elementary School, Liberty, SC
Materials Required: bulletin board paper
Activity Time: 15-30 minutes
Concepts Taught: Plane Figures

•Preparation: Use permanent marker to draw plane figures on bulletin board paper (approximately 4-6 feet in length). Create a geometric shape on the paper. This activity will resemble the game "Twister".

•Be sure to include the following:
right angle
acute angle
obtuse angle
right triangle
isosceles triangle
scalene triangle
equilateral triangle
parallel lines

•Use: The geo-mat can be placed on the floor for teaching and reviewing plane figures. Gather a group of no more than 4-5 students around the mat and ask questions such as:
Can you find a shape that has three sides?
Put your hand on it. . .. . ..triangle.
Continue with questions.

•SC Curriculum Standards: IA

•Objectives: The student will demonstrate the ability to follow directions, identify plane figures, and work in groups.

•Hint: Students need to remove shoes to prevent tearing the paper.