Grade: Elementary

#3401. Simile Wind Sock

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary
Posted Mon Feb 21 13:46:35 PST 2005 by Tish Goode (
Liberty Elementary, Liberty, USA
Materials Required: construction paper, pencils, related topic books, scissors, stapler, and yarn
Activity Time: 40 mins.
Concepts Taught: Understand and Identify Similes

Objective: To understand and identify similes in writing.
Standards: 4-R2.6
Lesson: Begin the lesson by defining a simile. A simile is a comparison using like or as. The teacher should model a few similes on the board that relate to the classroom surrounding. An example would be that it is as cold as a freezer in here today. Divide the class into small groups accordingly. The teacher will give each group a book to read that contains several similes. (Nettie's Trip South, The Whale Song, Quick as a Cricket, As big As You, John Henry) The groups are instructed to read the book aloud and listen for similes. Encourage each group to share what they find.
Activity: The students will make a windsock that can be strung from the ceiling as decoration and as a reminder of similes. The group leader will write the title of the book on a large piece of construction paper and then glue the ends together. Each group member will get a thin piece of different colored construction paper and write the simile they found on it. The groups will then glue each thin piece of paper to the bottom of the tube so they can hang like a windsock. The final step is to punch to holes in the top of the tube so you can string a piece of yarn through. The final step is to string the yarn through the holes and hang the windsock from the ceiling. The students love this activity. Throughout the year, the students can look at the socks and forever remember what a simile is.