Grade: Elementary
Subject: Mathematics

#3410. Math Bingo

Mathematics, level: Elementary
Posted Wed Feb 23 14:03:09 PST 2005 by Nancy Jolly (
Forest Acres Elementary, Easley, USA
Materials Required: standard bingo game
Activity Time: 15-45 minutes
Concepts Taught: addition with and without regrouping

Nancy Jolly
Grade: 2
Subject: Math
Topic: addition with and without regrouping
Standards: Numbers and Operations: II. A.1, B; III. A.1; III.B.2; III.C.2
Objective: TSWBAT: add numbers (with and without regrouping) to identify where a marker needs to be placed.
Materials: Standard bingo game, paper, pencil
1 A student will give everyone a bingo card.
2 The teacher will give each student bingo chips
3 The students will get out a pencil and a piece of paper
4 The teacher will explain to the students that she will call out an addition problem. The students are to write down each problem and solve it as she announces the problem. Upon finding the solution the students may place a marker on their BINGO board to match the corresponding answer they computed.
5 The teacher will pull a number from the BINGO game. He/She will look for the corresponding math problem. The teacher will announce the problem to the students.
6 The students will solve the problem using paper and pencil.
7 The students will place a marker on the correct BINGO square.
8 A volunteer will give the answer (so all students will check to make sure they added correctly).
9 Repeat the process until there is a BINGO winner.

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Assessment: The students will orally answer each question. The teacher may also take up the papers the students wrote the addition problems on.

Reflection: My students really enjoyed this lesson. I also changed it into a subtraction game, the practice really helped some of them learn the concept of regrouping. This allows extra practice without having "just another worksheet"