Grade: Elementary
Subject: Art

#3414. Evolution of Life

Art, level: Elementary
Posted Thu Feb 24 20:27:44 PST 2005 by Mrs. Mira Sarkar (
V.V.School, New Delhi India
Materials Required: Scrap paper, Boxes, and more
Activity Time: six to eight hours
Concepts Taught: Evolution of Life

Evolution of Life
Class 2

Multiple Intelligence: Verbal/Linguistic and Visual/Spatial -- Learning about Evolution of
Life, essentially through visual pictures and the Time Line.
Interpersonal -- Working cooperatively in groups.
Thinking Skills: Synthesis of the story as it stands today, for it is constantly being

Dioramas will be constructed of the stages of evolution as already learnt by the students --
*Millions of years ago.
*Fish with backbones.
*Creatures with lungs.
*First Mammals.
*Present day animals.
*Evolution of the human being.
In class the students have colored one picture for each stage. I plan to provide as many pictures as I can possibly collect so that the pictorial image for each stage is widened.

The students will be explained how the theory of evolution is based on fossils and is still being updated by the scientists with a passion for the profession. Each student will then be given a picture of one of the creatures, which they will recreate in 3D with clay. The models of clay will then be used to create dioramas.

The students will work in groups at this point. A large box will be provided for each period mentioned above. The students will paint the background and the physical features on paper, to be later glued inside the box. The plants of the time will be created with scraps of chart paper, tissue paper and crepe paper.

At first I had thought that each student would create a diorama in a shoe box, which will later be displayed as a wall of 'Evolution of Life'. Since I just couldn't gather enough shoeboxes, I had to change my plans to big boxes for each period. This meant that at the time of display there would be three boxes for each period, i.e. each section created a box for each period in the Time Line. The animal life would be different in each diorama.

When displayed it will be a learning experience for all the students in the Junior School.

Mira Sarkar
Saturday, September 15, 2001