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Subject: Music

#3418. Syncopation in Pevensey Castle

Music, level: other
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Daniel High School, Central, SC
Activity Time: 30 minutes
Concepts Taught: Syncopation

1. TLW be able to correctly count and execute rhythms through-out class
2. TLW be able to understand and count syncopated rhythms
3. TLW be able to review material rehearsed in Pevensey Castle
*101 Book for Rhythmic Practices
*Pevensey Castle sheet music
A. Perform an effective warm-up
a. Long tones, and lip slurs
b. Play through scales. Use the same scale as in Pevensey Castle (B flat)
A. Introduction
The teacher will begin the lesson by reviewing selected material from the 101 book. Students will review basic rhythms. The teacher should pick at least 5 review selections. Then students should learn two new selections from the book that involves syncopation. Have students first clap and count the selection. Look through out the class to make sure everyone is executing correctly. Have students play the selection. Repeat this process with at least two selections

B. Principal Activity
The teacher will explain that in the piece Pevensey Castle there are many instances of syncopation. Ihe teacher will write the melody on the board. All students will clap and count it. After an examination of the class, students who have the melody will play as the rest of the class will clap it with them to reinforce.
C. Conclusion
The teacher will explain that syncopation is a rhythm in which an accent is placed on a normally weak beat. The teacher will play a recording of the song to show how syncopation should work.
The students will be evaluated on how student play part individually. Assessment will also be noted by open discussion and if they participate. As well the teacher should be look for confident execution.