Subject: Phys Ed

#3423. Toss by Color

Phys Ed, level: Kindergarten
Posted Wed Mar 2 10:57:29 PST 2005 by Stacy Anderson (
Holly Springs Elementary, Pickens, SC, USA
Materials Required: 4 different colors of beanbags (ex. red, green, yellow and blue) -- one of each color for each child
Activity Time: 20-30 minutes
Concepts Taught: color recognition and the underhand toss

Objective: The students will be able to run to and recognize the color of beanbag the teacher calls out and toss that color beanbag underhand with control and accuracy to a color-coded hula-hoop in their same zone.
National Standards for Physical Education: 1c, 1d, 2b, 2c, 5a, 5c, 6a
Materials: 4 different colors of beanbags (ex. red, green, yellow and blue) -- one of each color for each child in the class, the same 4 colors of hula-hoops -- 4 of each color

Gym set-up: (there should be about 10 feet from the bean bag/tossing area to the targets)
Divide the gym into four zones/sections. Students will be divided into four groups for playing the game (one group in each of the smaller zones/sections). In the center of the gym, tape off a large square that will be divided into the four sections. This will be where the students will run and stand one at a time to throw beanbags. In the outside corner of each small box, place a red, a green, a yellow, and a blue hula-hoop. These will be target areas for the corresponding color of beanbags. Along the outside of the small boxes, line up the students who will be playing in each box. For example, you could designate the letters A, B, C, and D for the groups of students and for the four boxes. Proceed with the procedures below.

1. Review the learning cues for the underhand toss.
2. Separate the class into 4 groups and line up each group in a designated zone.
3. When everyone is lined up and quiet, call out a color.
4. Each student will run up and get that color of beanbag and toss it from that area to the color-coded hula-hoop in the opposite corner of their zone.
5. When each student has tossed their beanbag -- hit or miss -- they will run back to where they started to listen for the next color.

Assessment: The teacher will observe to see how well the students are doing recognizing the colors being called out. The teacher will also observe and reinforce the correct technique in performing the underhand toss.