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#3425. Building Vocabulary with Model Airplanes

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Posted Thu Mar 3 10:40:24 PST 2005 by William Jackson (
Cardstock Glider pattern
University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM, USA
Activity Time: 1 hour
Concepts Taught: Vocabulary - airframe terminology

Objective: In this topic, the cadet will;
apply airframe terminology in the construction of a flying model airplane.
Why does the cadet need to know this?
Cadets need to know aircraft terminology when working around pilots and when on the flight line.

Supply 1 each for every student:
Airplane Pattern (copied on heavy card stock)
Pattern available at:
Stick Glue

Draw a schematic of an airplane on the board.
Define and explain:
Fuselage - French (fusel - spindle + age - like)
Aileron - French (diminutive of aile - wing)
Empennage - French (en-to put + penne-feathers + age-like -- like putting feathers on an arrow)
Wing - Old Norse (vngr - to blow)
Rudder - Old Norse (ruthr - the act of steering)
Flaps - Mid Eng.(flappe - hinged flat board)
Elevator - Latin (elevare - to raise)
Cowling - Latin (cuculle - monk's hood)
Horizontal Stabilizer
Vertical Stabilizer
Pass out airplane construction material.
Build gliders using new vacabulary.