Grade: Senior
Subject: Language

#343. Likes and Dislikes

Language, level: Senior
Posted by Paige Gilbert (pgsophie).
University student, Athens, Georgia
Materials Required: Noted in lesson
Activity Time: One lesson of 50 minutes
Concepts Taught: Likes and Dislikes

TOPIC: Likes and Dislikes

SUBTOICS: Expressing what the students like and do not like about the beach.

LEVEL OF STUDENTS: Second year Spanish students; ages 15-17

SUGGESTED TIME FRAME: One lesson of 50 minutes

TEXTBOOK: Chapter Seven, Nelson Puntos de Partidas Spanish Book

1. The student will be able to recognize and use the vocabulary associated with vacationing at the beach.
2. The student will be able to express likes and dislikes in first, second, and third person conjugations.
3. The students will be able to ask what someone else likes and respond with their personal authentic likes and dislikes using the vocabulary describing vacationing at the beach

MATERIALS NEEDED: Overhead of the vocabulary being used, pictures corresponding to the vocabulary, hand-sized bean-bag.

1. As the students enter the room, they will be prompted to sit down, take out their Spanish notebooks, and copy the vocabulary that is being displayed on the overhead.
2. After giving the students the first 5 minutes of class to complete this activity, the teacher will turn off the overhead and say each word on the vocabulary list aloud. The students will repeat the words after the teacher.
3. The teacher will use the pictures depicting the vocabulary and repeat the vocabulary list.
4. The teacher will present a picture that shows something she likes about the beach and use the gustar form to express her likes. She will continue this practice using three of the pictures. The teacher will then ask a student if he or she likes one of the items in the pictures. The student should use the appropriate response. This activity will continue untill each student has identified something he or she likes.
5. The teacher will show a picture of something that she does not like and will express her dislikes using the gustar form. The activity will continue in the pattern stated above.
6. The teacher will then announce the introduction of a game. The teacher throw the bean-bag to a student and ask the student if he or she likes one of the items presented earlier. The student will answer and return the bean-bag to the teacher. The teacher will then throw the bean-bag to another student and ask the student if he or she likes something. The teacher will then ask the student to repeat the "likes" of the first student. This activity will continue with each student adding to the list and having to state the likes or dislikes of the previous students.
7. The students will complete the worksheets entitled "Me Gusta" and "No Me Gusta" in class and turn the worksheets in to the teacher for a grade.
8. The teacher will announce writing time and ask the student to write about their likes and dislikes within their journals.

The students will be evaluated on their participation in class, their responses to the questions asked and the worksheets completed in class.

The teacher may introduce more vocabulary to discuss likes and dislikes. The class may also set up voting boxes for other classes to vote on the most popular beach activities.

The students will be required to find out the likes and dislikes (about the beach) of their families. They will write ten sentences expressing what they found out and turn the sentences in the following day in class.