Grade: Pre-School

#3437. Letter Recognition

Reading/Writing, level: Pre-School
Posted Sun Mar 20 06:43:08 PST 2005 by Jettaway (
Activity Time: Circle
Concepts Taught: Phonics, Pre-reading

I'm trying to be creative with my class as some of you
know. Anyway I found a broken foam puzzle at the flea
market which had all 26 letters (up and Lower case)...(one
man's junk is another man's treasure addage crept into my
mind as I paind my 10 cents for the puzzle pieces)

I threw away the broken board part and separated the
letters....put them in different conatainers and sat down
at circle. (LOL.. I had no idea what I was gonna do)I
started to sing the ABC to the letter D
(whew... thinking on my feet...or behind in this case)
and.....pulled out a letter...and quickly changed the song
to say what do you see?...I have a letter say it with
me...and called on someone to say it and then everyone
said it together......
So the song actually goes:
ABCD what do you see?
I have a letter say it with me....."josh".....then "josh"
says what letter and all the children repeat.

I did the upper case for several days then thought I'd try
it with only the lower case......they actually like this
one better...maybe because not all lower case letters
resemble their parents?......LOL