Grade: all
Subject: Language

#3441. Change Places

Language, level: all
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Educating Our Children: The Guide to Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening..
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Materials Required: chairs or tape on the floor
Activity Time: variable
Concepts Taught: Review of words or phrases

This activity is really going to create chaos but the learners will enjoy it immensely. First of all, a large playing area is needed. All the learners sit in a large circle, preferably in chairs and facing each other. If chairs are unavailable, it may be necessary to use tape and place an "X" on the floor for each participant.
The educator starts the game standing in the middle of the circle, while the learners are sitting down facing her. The educator, for example, may say something like this: "People who are wearing blue pants. . ..change places!" The learners in possession of certain words (cards) may also be asked to change. These learners are asked to stand up and change chairs. Meanwhile, the educator has found herself a chair and is waiting patiently to see who will remain standing, without a chair. That learner will then try to get two or more participants to change. If a person was not supposed to change and is caught doing so, he is asked to stand in the middle of the circle. An individual is not allowed to remain in the middle more than two consecutive times, as some learners like the attention they receive while in this position.

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This is a spelling activity found on page 147, in my book entitled "Educating Our Children: The Guide to Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening Activities" (ISBN 0-9733849-1-3). This book contains a total of 206 educational activities that can be used in the classroom, at home and/or on the road. These activities are also adaptable to almost any subject or grade level. Books may be bought directly from, or This book is featured in Baker & Taylor's November 2005 Paper Clip!