Grade: Pre-School
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#3444. Over, Under and Beside

other, level: Pre-School
Posted Mon Mar 28 11:23:22 PST 2005 by Krystal St.Louis (
Lighthouse Learning Center, Mattapoisett, Ma
Materials Required: Printout of an astronaut, black construction paper, markers, crayons, glue
Activity Time: Space

get the children together and hand them each a printout of the astronaut. have them color it has desired. Then give them the printout of the stars, and have them color them yellow. After this is done have them glue the astronaut on the piece of black construction paper. Hand each of them three stars and each star will say either over, under and beside. hand the children one star at a time and tell them what the star says on it. Then let them figure out where to glue it. Either over, under, or beside the astronaut.