Grade: all
Subject: Literature

#3445. Responsive book review

Literature, level: all
Posted Thu Mar 31 08:37:14 PST 2005 by Phyllis Arsement (
All Saints Episcopal School, Beaumont
Materials Required: Word processor, book
Activity Time: Varies
Concepts Taught: The learner will both read and critique a piece of literature as well as use critical thinking skill

1. Teacher assigns a book selection (ex. Owl Moon) for the entire class to read and discuss.
2. Teacher then demonstrates proper use of Microsoft word and etique of a discussion site.
3. Teacher then puts a question on the site for students to respond to.
4. One student will type 3-5 sentences expressing thier opinion/feelings to the question and then that student will ask a question.
5. Then another student will respond to the last question and ask a question.
6. This continues until all students have had an opportunity to respond.

This works well to set up over several days for students in thier extra time.