Grade: Advanced
Subject: Science

#3453. Naturlehre

Science, level: Advanced
Posted Sat Apr 23 12:49:42 PDT 2005 by andi meyer (
Bezirksschule, Ybrig
Materials Required: Biologiebuch S.45
Activity Time: 30min.
Concepts Taught: Ernhrung analysieren

During our nutrition unit in 2nd grade, we conduct a food drive for the local food pantry. As the students bring in their contributions, we catagorize it into one of the food groups. We label the grocery sacks appropriately (fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy, proteins/meats and others). The students must decide which sack to put each food item in. It is important to stress to the students that the foods must be non-perishables. The students enjoy trying to even out the amounts of foods collected for each sack. Some creative thinking goes on at the grocery store with their parents. After all the food is collected, the food is then donated to the local panty. This is a great learning activity that culminates with the act of giving!