Grade: Pre-School
Subject: Art

#3456. Drop Art

Art, level: Pre-School
Posted Wed Apr 20 12:44:44 PDT 2005 by Arlene Wells (
UIC Children's Center, Chicago, Il USA
Materials Required: Nylon,sand,paint,paper,small stool
Activity Time: 10-15 minutes
Concepts Taught: Science,Art

Cut nylon stocking leave enough space to add sand in the stocking. Once stocking is filled tie it up to keep the sand in the nylon. Place white paper on the floor. ( Make sure floor and surrounding areas are well covered because paint will splatter). Dip nylon in paint. Have child stand up on the stool and drop the nylon on the paper. Activity can be expanded by modifying what you place into the nylon to give the pictures different textures and outcomes that can then be compared. Discussions about gravity can also be added to expand this activity.