Grade: Elementary
Subject: Music

#3461. Websites for Songs That Teach Concepts

Music, level: Elementary
Posted Fri Apr 29 23:53:08 PDT 2005 by Sylvia/CA ().
Concepts Taught: Reading, Lang. Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science concepts

This is a collection of websites that offer songs that reinforce concepts in several areas: language arts, science, social studies and math. While many songs are appropriate for younger students, some are more appropriate for older students.

**Spelling THEIR, THERE, THEY'RE song

Musical Spelling Rules

**Math Songs and Poems-Alegebra, Geometry, Statistics and more! (for older students)

**Doubles minus one song (mp3)

**Doubles adding song

**Musical Multiplication

**Continents Song (Dr Jean) with illustrations

**Sing to Learn with Dr. Jean-Many songs for younger students, but also some song lyrics for higher level concepts.

**Dr Jean's CDs Educational songs that teach

**Kids' Song- Lyrics (There are 'teaching songs' within this group of songs for kids)

**Songs for Teaching-for many subjects and age ranges