Grade: Elementary

#3462. Multicultural Unit

Social Studies, level: Elementary
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Lansing Christian, Lansing, MI
Activity Time: 10 class periods
Concepts Taught: Celebrating Black Americans in History

Black American Inventors


Using the following Internet sites you need to find out what each of these Black Americans invented, why the invention is important and when it was invented. Make sure you type the Internet sites correctly. Then search the sites for each inventor and their information.


Inventor What they invented & why this is important Year Invented
Sarah Boone

E. Matzelinger

Walter Sammons

Lydia O. Newman

Madam C.J. Walker

Lloyd P. Ray

Thomas W. Stewart

George T. Samon

John Love

William Purvis

W.A. Lavette

John Burr

Robert Spikes

Joseph Gammel

Garrett A. Morgan

John Standard

Alice Parker

Frederick Jones

Elbert T. Robinson

Alexander Miles

Phillip Downing

William Barry

Dr. Charles Drew

Dr. Daniel Hale Williams

Lewis Temple

Norbert Rillieux

Granville T. Woods

Lewis Latimer

Choose two more inventors, not on this list, and tell about them.