Grade: all
Subject: Literature

#3465. Japanese Folktales

Literature, level: all
Posted Mon May 2 12:01:54 PDT 2005 by Pam Carter (
Hardaway High School, Columbus, USA
Materials Required: 1. Copies of one American Folk tales and Japanese Folktales
Activity Time: 45 minutes - 2 to 3 days based on grade
Concepts Taught: Comparing Japanese and American Folktales

1. Divide class into groups and have them read their story. (Example: Cinderella and The Crane That Returned the Favor) Materials: Copies of several American and Japanese Folktales.
2. Each group will respond to a set of questions provided by the teacher.As a group they will decide if their story has a lesson to learn and what that lesson is. Materials Needed: Worksheets and story guides
3. They will then work together to create story cards with pictures to be used to tell their story. They should divide the story into sections and have at least three to five story cards with pictures. Materials Needed: Pieces of heavy construction paper, colors, markers, etc.)
4. After practicing, they will share their story with each group member taking part in some way.
Students will be creative and should plan on the second day how they will present their story. They may use just the cards but they could develop characters and wear costumes.

I have copies of the Japanese stories and will be glad to share the unit with those interested.