Grade: all
Subject: Literature

#3466. Japanese Poetry

Literature, level: all
Posted Mon May 2 12:46:52 PDT 2005 by Pam Carter (
Hardaway High School, Columbus, USA
Materials Required: Copies of Japanese Poetry
Activity Time: 1 hour to four hours based on activities
Concepts Taught: Writing Japanese Poetry - Haiku

1. Students will be divided into groups of four or five. 2. They will work together reading the poetry and completing a worksheet on each poem which develops the idea of what they think the poem means. The class will discuss the results of their discussions. 3. Discuss the format for a Haiku poem. Provide each student with a Haiku poem, leaving blanks for them to fill in to complete the poem. Share the poems with the rest of the class. Provide a worksheet with several Haiku poems for the students to complete.
4. Have the students to write their own Haiku.

*If this unit is being completed in conjuction with poetry or with Japan studies it is suggested that the students write their poem using calligraphy, frame their poem unsing matting or draw a picture depicting what their poem represents.