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#348. Spelling games that kids like!!!

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Posted by Sheree (
Carver Primary, Gonzales, Louisiana
Materials Required: shaving cream, clean erasers, M&M's, tape player, tape, etc...
Activity Time: 20 - 30 minutes
Concepts Taught: Learning New Spelling Words

These are a few games I play with my kids to learn their spelling words. I hope you like them.
1. "The Dancing Game" I play some music and everybody dances. When I pause the music, everyone freezes. The first one to move has to spell a word. If they get it right, they stay in the game. If it's wrong, they sit down. The game continues. Once a player has already spelled once, he/she must automatically sit down.

2. "Queen Chases King" This is played with two clean erasers. Choose and Queen (girl) and a King (boy). They get on opposite sides of the room and put the erasers on their heads. The teacher calls out "King chases Queen" or vice versa and the boy chases the girl or the girl chases the boy. You can change the call in the middle of the game. The first one to get touched or have the eraser fall off, must spell a word. If they get it right, they remain Queen (or King). If they get it wrong, they must choose a new Queen or King. Once a player has spelled and gets caught again, he/she must relinquish his/her crown.

These are just a few ideas. If you want more, e-mail me!