Grade: Senior
Subject: Computer

#3485. Business Communication

Computer, level: Senior
Posted Thu Jun 9 05:35:30 PDT 2005 by RAY A. JAMES (
I Made It
Texas A & M Commerce, Commerce, TX
Materials Required: Resume
Activity Time: 1 day
Concepts Taught: webquest


Hello, class welcome to another day of Business Communication and Co/Op. Today you will be working on an exercise that will demonstrate your ability to follow instructions. Tomorrow you will have a guest speaker coming in from the city personnel office that would like to say welcome to out city; we just might have a job that's just for you. So what I am asking that you do is, do some research on the WebQuest and prepare an application letter and resume to turn-in by tomorrow morning. When you are through with this WebQuest you should be able to write effectively and should be able to follow the task for building your own application and resume. A copy of all your activities will be put in your portfolio, as you use the Internet. so lets get started now!