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#3486. A Touch of Class

, level: all
Posted Thu Jun 9 05:43:34 PDT 2005 by RAY A. JAMES (
Texas A & M Commerce, Commerce, Tx
Materials Required: internet
Activity Time: any
Concepts Taught: rhyme and reason

A Touch of Class

My momma loves pearls.

My daddy loves royals.

My lady friends loves furs.

I love hers.

It's a race to live.

It's a race to give.

It's a race to the 3d dimension.

It's a race to the finish.

We all love to swim.

We all need to win.

So think of God,

When you hear the hymns.

Where all headed to the White House,

We all want to win,

We all need friends.

So think of God, when you hear the hymns.

We all got style,

We all got class.

So don't be a fool,

Just play the fiddlers tool.

Repeat All: