Grade: Senior
Subject: Geography

#3491. World Geography (continent)

Geography, level: Senior
Posted Thu Jun 23 09:21:34 PDT 2005 by Keisha Thomas (
Niceville High School, Niceville, USA
Materials Required: Web access, microsoft word, w/pen and paper
Activity Time: 4 (30 minute sessions)
Concepts Taught: Study of continents and maps

Lesson Plan
June 23, 2005
World Geography (continents)

Objective: To study continents, culture, leadership, maps, and there relationship.

Standards: Listed on Filamentality on the web

Rubric: Listed on Filamentality on the web

1. From the seven continents choose two (exclude the continent that you reside) and find spacial maps, outline maps, and global maps associated with your chosen continent.
2. After choosing your continent find a map puzzle that divides the Continent into region, countries, or cities.
3. Once you have viewed the puzzle map explore and answer the following: population, inhabitance, and history.
4. Next, explore the government and leadership and determine how they are different than your own country.
5. Research their flags and the history including colors, symbols, and any other interesting facts.
6. In conclusion, from the information that you have collected, arrange the history, flag discovery, region, leadership, government, population, and inhabitance in a two page report. Be sure to include all maps found and picture of the flags.
7. Arrange the report in MLA format.