Grade: Middle
Subject: Science

#3495. Body Works

Science, level: Middle
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Hardy, Jackson, USA
Materials Required: T.V., Books, Worksheets, Video Tape
Activity Time: 3 Class Blocks
Concepts Taught: Body Systems


Teacher: Otis Gaines II Subject: Science

Date: 6/14-6/16 Block/ Period: 3 Class Blocks

Title: Body Works

Objective: analyze body systems and their functions

Time: 3 class blocks

Teacher will:
A. Introduce all the body systems
B. Discuss each system-parts and functions
C. Discuss vital signs of the system
D. Show Video

Students will:
A. Do a diagram of the digestive system and label the major organs
B. Explain the functions of each part
C. Create their own questions
D. Carry out the dissecting process under the teacher's supervision

A. Flow Chart
B. Observation participation and quality of questions
C. Will check body diagram accuracy