Grade: Middle
Subject: Science

#3496. Looking Inside Cells

Science, level: Middle
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Woolfolk Middle School , Yazoo City, USA
Materials Required: projector, flashcards, gelatin, bowl, water, Skittles
Activity Time: 8 classes
Concepts Taught: Functions of Cells

Teacher: Cicely Mallett Subject: Science Grade: 7
Dates: August 22-26/29-31 Periods: 8 classes
Title: Looking Inside Cells

Identify the role of cell membrane and nucleus in the cell
Describe the functions performed by other organelles in cells.
Compare and contrast animal and plant cells
Summarize the role of cell

The teacher will:

q Discuss the terms: organelle, cell wall, cell membrane, nucleus, chromatin, cytoplasm, mitochondrion, endoplasmic reticulum, ribsome, Golgi body, chloroplast, vacuole, lysosome
q Introduce animal and plant cells using projector with prepared slide of plant cells and animal cells.
q Discuss the functions of the organelles in plant and animal cells by creating flashcards

The student will complete the following activities:

q Choose which visual is an animal or plant cell
q Define and discuss terms
q Read and discuss Chapter 2.
q Create the Double Bubble Map to compare and contrast animal and plant cells
q Create flashcards with name of cell organelles on one side and function on the other. The students will pair and quiz each other with flashcards.
q Summarize Chapter


q Observation
q Facilitation
q Pretest - Visual with animal and plant cells
q Double Bubble Map -- TSW have to master 75% accuracy
q Self-Assessment -- TSW grade themselves and students with flashcards
q Written -- TSW summarize what they know about Chapter in 5 minutes with 75% accuracy