Grade: Middle
Subject: Science

#3498. Looking Inside Cells

Science, level: Middle
Posted Fri Jun 24 08:24:15 PDT 2005 by Jacqueline Fox-Belmon (
Woolfolk Middle School, Yazoo City, Mississippi
Materials Required: pencil/pen, construction paper, books, gelatin, markers, notebooks and lab books
Activity Time: 8 class
Concepts Taught: Identifing, describing, comparing and classifing cells

Teacher: J. Belmon
Dates: June 13 thur June 17 Subject: Science Grade: 7
Estimated time required: 8 classes periods

Title: Looking Inside Cells

Objectives: Identify the role of the cell membrane and nucleus in the cell
Describe the functions performed by other organelles in the cell
Describe the role of specialized cells in many-celled organisms
Classify the cell as plant or animal
Create flash cards to learn the roles of cell structures
Compare bacterial cells with plant and animal cells

The Teacher will:
Discuss the Terms: organelle, cell wall, cell membrane, nucleus, chromatin,
Cytoplasm, mitochondrion, endoplasmic reticulum,
Ribosome, golgi body, chloroplast, vacuole, lysosome
Introduce animal & plant cells using projector with prepared slide of plants cells and animal cells
Discuss the functions of the organelles in plant and animal cells by creating flashcards

The Student will complete the following activities:
Read & discuss chapter 2 in Glenco Green Level.
Define terns
Create the Double Bubble Map to compare & contrast animal and plant cells
Create a model of a cell using gelatin
Create flashcards with name of cell structure on one side and function on the other.
Divide into pairs and quiz each other with their flashcards of organelles.

The teacher will:
Observe students
Facilitate student learning

The student will:
*Be evaluated on model by rubrics on scale 1-5
*Be evaluated by written test
*Be able to compare and contrast with 80% accuracy