Grade: Middle
Subject: Science

#3506. Cell Division

Science, level: Middle
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Hardy Middle School, Jackson, USA


Teacher: O. J. Gaines

Date: Aug. 15-20

Title: Cell Division

Objective: Define mitosis by relating the process to genetic continuity

Estimated time: 6 classes

The teacher will:
A. Explain the key terms: cell cycle,inter phase, replication, mitosis, chromatid,
cytkinesis, cytokinesis.
B. Describe the structure of DNA and how replication occurs.
C. List the events that take place during the three stages of the cell cycle

The students will:
A. Observe budding yeast cells under a microscope.
B. Model the phases of mitosis using pipe cleaners and construction paper.
C. Create bubble map to describe the stages of cell division

A. Oral discussion
B. Complete mitosis flip book
C. Teacher made quiz