Grade: Middle
Subject: Science

#3507. Pass It On

Science, level: Middle
Posted Thu Jun 30 07:37:25 PDT 2005 by C. Danielle Gaylor (
Materials Required: microscope, slides, chalkboard, contruction paper, color pencils, glue, stapler, markers
Activity Time: TBA
Concepts Taught: Meiosis I

Teacher: C. Danielle Gaylor

Date: September, 2005

Title: Pass It On

Objective: Define meiosis by relating the process to genetic continuity

Time: TBA class period

Teacher will:
Establish working definitions for appropriate vocabulary: sexual reproduction, meiosis, sperm, egg, fertilization, zygote
Discuss the relationship between sexual reproduction and meiosis
Divide students into groups and assign each group a meiosis phase for discussion

Student will:
Explain the relationship between sexual reproduction and meiosis
Describe the process of meiosis and the activities of each phase
View and identify phases of meiosis I using microscope and slides
Create a flip book illustrating steps of meiosis I
Present group phase using research and illustration
Answer any questions from other students about group phases

Oral discussion
Completed meiosis flip booklet
Group project
Teacher made quiz