Grade: Elementary
Subject: Science

#351. Visit the Rain Forest

Science, level: Elementary
Posted Fri Jun 11 07:50:00 PDT 1999 by Bonnie Feist ().
Immaculate Conception-St. Joseph's School, Gilbertville, USA
Materials Required: paper, pencil, colors, Internet access
Activity Time: 1 week
Concepts Taught: Location, Plants, Animals of the Rain Forest

Visit the Rainforest
Internet Scavenger Hunt For 5th Grade
By Bonnie Feist

The goals of this scavenger hunt are to introduce and define what a tropical rain forest is, what animals and plants exist there, and how it can relate to becoming globally aware of the importance of the rain forests in your life.

Essential Learnings:

*Possesses a knowledge base upon which to build
*Contributes and encourages as a team member
*Contributing citizen to the wider world
*Applies technology to tasks


*The students will develop vocabulary related to the topic.
*The students will be able to classify plants and animals of the rain forest.
*The students will investigate what animals are endangered because of the
vanishing rain forests.

Practice Activities and Instructional Strategies:

*Begin with a KWL Chart to identify previous knowledge.
*Introduce the topic with the book entitled The Great Kapok Tree by Lynn Cherry
*Search the Internet for answers to the Rain Forest Scavenger Hunt questions.
*Take the "Puzzle" quiz and record results.
*Print and Color in the bird from the Tropical Coloring Book
*Write a summary about one of the animals that you learned about.
*Define the rain forest vocabulary


*Pre-assessment using the KWL Chart to identify previous knowledge
*Assessment activity choices (choose 1) :

rain forest guide - Your job will be to take the class on a tour of the rain
forest using the vocabulary describing the sections of the rain forest, where
it is located and point out facts of at least 2 animals and a plant.

create a rain forest mural - Working in groups, your job will be to create a "rain
forest" in the room using a variety of materials. You will need to decide who
will be responsible for the different sections of the rain forest. Include drawings
of some of the animals that you learned about and the imaginary lines that
rain forests are located between.

make a poster - This poster should encourage others to try to save an
endangered animal.
Rain Forest Scavenger Hunt

Directions: You will be working with a partner to search for answers navigating the Internet.
You will need to take turns going from one web site to another to help you
become familiar and comfortable as you explore. There will be written answers that you will write down as well as a graphic that you will need to print from a
web site. In order to search for answers you will need to go to the designated web sites listed before each set of questions. HAVE FUN EXPLORING!!!

Part 1: Introduction to the rain forest including vocabulary terms.

Bookmark: Zoom Rain Forest
web site:

1. What is the rain forest?

2. List the sections of the rain forest.

3. Why are rain forests important to our lives?

4 Click on "Puzzle". Take the quiz and record the answers. You will be able to see if
you are right by watching the puzzle come together correctly.

Part 2: Locating the rain forests of the world.

Bookmark: Rainforests: Click on "Location"
web site: hhtp://

1. What is the name of the invisible line that the rain forests are located close to?

2. Using the map, name the 2 other imaginary lines that rain forests are
located between?

3. Using the map, name 2 continents where rain forests are located.

Part 3: Learning about plants of the rain forests and their benefits in our daily lives.

Bookmark: Rainforest Resources
web site: hhtp://

1. How many tropical plants have been identified as having anti-cancer properties?

2. Tropical rain forest plants help treat medical problems. List 3 diseases that the
plants help.

3. Rain forests are also good food sources. Name 5 food sources mentioned at
this web site.

4. Sometimes we think only wood comes from the rain forests, but they actually
provide many other products. Find and name 5 other products the rain forest
provides for us in our daily lives.

Part 4: Learning about animals of the rainforest including those that are endangered.

Bookmark: Kids and Teachers
web site: hhtp://

1. Click on any frog at this web site. Name it using the simple name and list one fact
about it.

2. Click on "Tropical Coloring Book". Name one bird that lives in the tropical rain forest.
Print and color the bird that you choose.

Bookmark: TOUCAN SAM-Chapter 3, Page 1
web site: hhtp://

3. Read about one of the animals found at this web site and summarize what you learned.
Be sure to include whether or not it is endangered.

Rain Forest Vocabulary

Define each term:

rain forest -

emergent -

canopy -

understory -

forest floor -

ecosystem -

Be An Involved Parent

The following web sites are listed below for your own knowledge of the places your child has safely traveled during our study of the Rain Forest. You may want to visit these sites with your child to explore further.
web site:

web site:

Rain Forest Alliance
web site:

Rain Forest Alliance
web site:
web site:

A follow-up activity that you as a consumer might enjoy as a family is to discuss the importance of reading labels on the products you purchase. Look for information regarding animal testing or portions of the profits donated to an environmental organization. As
conscientious consumers you can discuss with your child how this benefits your own household as well as the future of the wider world.