Grade: Senior
Subject: Literature

#3516. Making a Character's Facebook Page

Literature, level: Senior
Posted Mon Jan 9 10:03:59 PST 2012 by Darla Smallwood (Darla Smallwood).
NCSSM, Durham, NC
Materials Required: Computer with Internet Access (preferable)
Activity Time: 1-2 hours (excluding time to read novel)
Concepts Taught: Analyzing Character

Walker Percy Assignment

Based upon your reading of the excerpt from The Last Gentleman, create a Facebook page for Will Barrett. If you can actually "mock up" your page in real Facebook style, that would be awesome, but if you can't, just submit a document that includes the following information in the order that seems most logical to you.
• A photo of someone that looks the way you picture Will Barrett.
• Will's current status.
• At least ten status updates for Will.
• At least ten responses to some of the updates -- At least some of these should come from other characters in the story. Others may come from widely known people. (For example, someone from Leonard Skynard might respond to Will's portrayal of the South. Be creative. As long as the response truly demonstrates your understanding of Will, as portrayed in the excerpt, you really can't be too "out there.")
• Info: At least three bits of information (You know, like place of birth, current city, etc.)
• Friends: At least five, with photos.
• Likes: At least three.
• Anything else you deem appropriate (optional).

However you do it, please submit a hard copy -- unless you find a way to do a mock page online, in which case you may simply send me the link -- no later than the end of class on Tuesday. You will work in the same groups as for your Williams assignment.

Keep in mind that your primary goal here is to demonstrate your understanding of the following in regard to Will:

• His basic personality/character (including interests, views, how he spends his time, etc.)
• His feelings about the way of life, the people, and the basic feel of the South
• The kind of people with whom he associates (esp. the Vaughts)
• His feelings about race

Don't overlook the humor/satire/paradoxes with which Walker Percy portrays Will and his experiences in the South.